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Geraton Auto Sp. z o.o. is a Polish manufacturer of special vehicles. We specialize in designing and adapting commercial vehicles into road ambulances. The name of our company combines the name and surname of the patron of Emergency Medical Services, the Italian – Gerard Tonque. Since the beginning of our company’s operation, we have been guided by the principle that all produced vehicles must be characterized by safety, ergonomic work conditions, and the highest quality of execution.

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We are the European leader among suppliers of road ambulances.


Geraton Auto Sp. z o.o. is a Polish manufacturer of road ambulances. In our company, we specialize in designing, producing and servicing medical interiors for ambulances. We possess our own technical facilities (CNC plotters, CNC lasers, production hall, carpentry workshop) and warehouse-logistics capabilities. We ensure the complete availability of all components for ambulance interiors, as well as warranty and post-warranty services. Additionally, we offer sheet metal and painting repairs as well as road ambulance rental services.

Our clients range from private entities to public institutions, including hospitals and emergency medical services. At Geraton Auto, our primary focus lies in continuous brand development through delivering the highest quality medical interiors for a selected range of vehicle brands.

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For Clients:

We specialize in the design and manufacturing of top-tier medical bodies, ensuring compliance with all relevant laws and industry standards. Our commitment extends to delivering professional, comprehensive after-sales services, all tailored to the best interests of our clients and partners.

For Employees:

We are dedicated to providing the best working conditions, opportunities for professional growth, motivation, and support, both in your career and personal life. Your well-being and development are our priority.

For the Community:

We actively participate in numerous valuable initiatives related to life and health protection, including social, charitable, and cultural events. Our engagement is aimed at contributing positively to the community we serve.